Gabriela Mistral Education Museum

The Gabriela Mistral Education Museum is an institution specialized in the heritage and history of education in Chile.

It was created in 1941 with the name of the Pedagogical Museum of Chile, whose objective was to house and exhibit material collected in the Retrospective Exhibition of Teaching, held that same year. In 1981 it was moved to the building of the former Normal School for Girls No. 1 of Santiago Brígida Walker, and after the 1985 earthquake it was closed to the public until 2006, when it reopened under the name Gabriela Mistral Education Museum. Currently, it seeks to contribute to the knowledge and debate of the multiple dimensions of the socio-educational processes in Chile, showing the diversity of actors that are part of the debate.

In this section you will find a virtual tour and a sound tour, in which you can walk through the corridors and rooms of the Museum, see different school desks, the bell of the José Abelardo Nuñez Normal School or the library.