How to navigate the virtual tours?

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Different ways to explore

1. Two-dimensional devices

For those who prefer the experience in two dimensions – without using virtual reality glasses – they can see the routes directly from this page, through computers, notebooks and tablets.

2. Virtual reality glasses

Those who want to use virtual reality glasses, can enter the route they want through their cell phone, select the icon , then the virtual reality icon and insert your cell phone into one of these lenses.

3. Virtual reality modules

If you want to enjoy this experience in an even more immersive way, you can soon visit one of the 5 virtual reality modules that will be located in the Regional Libraries of Antofagasta; La Serena; Aysén; Santiago and National Library.

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How to listen to the sound tours?


Choose a sound tour and enjoy the audio guide player, select the button to listen or pause. The buttons to go back and to forward.

Sound List

In the list you will find all the points available to listen to, you just have to click on the one you want to play and your tour will begin.