Regional Museum of Aysén

The Regional Museum of Aysén was born from the desire of the local community, to have a specialized place for the protection and dissemination of natural and cultural heritage. It is located in part of the restored buildings of the Historic Monument “Construcciones de la Sociedad Industrial de Aysén”. This story is reported in the permanent exhibition in Pulpería.

In addition, other facilities necessary for a museum of high standards were built, among them, a building that houses the regional permanent exhibition, a journey through six cultural areas of the region that invites Ayseninos and Ayseninas, to meet and celebrate their heritage.

In this section you can enjoy the virtual and sound tour of the museum. In both experiences we invite you to discover, for example, the Chilesaurus diegosuarezi, a recently discovered dinosaur; a diving suit or the tokens that were used in the grocery store.